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Sep 22, 2022
Webinar: Minimize Amazon Fees and Boost Profit
Increase your Amazon sales with AI

Don’t lose sales because of a bad listing.

Paste a listing URL or an ASIN and get optimization suggestions.
or test it out with a sample ASIN

How works
We provide content editing tools with
AI-generated suggestions.
Update your listings to get more sales.
Easy to use interface
The unique advantage of
We put a lot of effort into analyzing the Amazon search engine. Now that we know all the nitty gritty, we can generate keywords that are most relevant to Amazon.

You can test any potential changes in product listings in real time without actually uploading them to Amazon.
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How do you make a listing that sells?
Focus on:
  • SEO-driven keywords. These will rank your listing higher for potential buyers, so make sure the product title and description include them.
  • Engaging visuals. Use multiple high-resolution photos, 3D models, and AR technology to give customers different angles and contexts.
  • Detailed but clear product descriptions. Highlight the benefits your customers care most about with bullet points and key information highlighted.
How to optimize your Amazon keyword strategy?
Keyword strategy is everything. Here are a few tips to improve yours:
Enter words and phrases in the Amazon search bar to see what users are looking for.
Explore Amazon-specific keyword tools to look up and enrich your keywords.
Only use relevant, non-subjective (like “best-seller” or “amazing”) keywords. Integrate them into your product description.
Stay on top of your competitors and monitor keyword performance with
What does Sellesta works with a product listing? analyzes your product listings and suggests automatic improvements to the keyword strategy, product descriptions, and images. You can also analyze customer reviews (your own and your competitors) to identify which elements of the customer journey need to be upgraded.
Find out right now how you can increase your Amazon sales.
Get optimization suggestions
or test it out with a sample ASIN
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